11 August 2009



It’s getting really close... I don’t leave until the first week of September, but until I get my visa, the travel agent can’t book my flight, which means I don’t have an official departure date yet.

There’s an orientation for inbound Rotary exchange students this Saturday; I can’t wait to meet everyone! This will also give the outbound students (myself included) a good idea of what to expect when we arrive in our destination countries... There’s a boy from northern Italy, so perhaps I will be able to practice my Italian a bit!

Also, I’m going to California for a week on Sunday to visit family and to gain experience flying alone. I’m really excited for that; I haven’t been to California since I was seven-years-old. Whoa... I’ll come back from California the following Saturday, leaving only about a week or so before I depart for Sicily.

I’ll post photos from California once I get back, and maybe a few of good ol’e Manhattan, just for nostalgia’s sake.



  1. Hunter is da bomb. Plain and simple. Get some o' dat Sicily ass, girl.

  2. Go on to Great Adventures, baby girl!!!!!